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Collecte de fonds de fin d'année

Tree leaves are yellowing, and you are thinking you should start planning for year-end celebrations: no doubt, the end of the year is coming near. But have you reached your target for your annual fundraising?

If, as for numerous non-profits, the answer is no, don’t panic! There is still time to implement simple actions that should help you start 2017 with more serenity.

To ensure the best possible success, here are a few simple tips:

  • As a first step, you need to define your campaign’s objectives. What volume of donations are you aiming at? Or is it more appropriate for your organisation to define a percentage of increase in your donations? According to which period? Who are you aiming at? Are they your usual donors or are you trying to diversify your public at this occasion? What worked well on similar occasions? What didn’t?
  • Choose carefully the content you wish to communicate about, as well as its shape. Is it better to send an e-mail? To use a specific signature? To design a campaign on social networks? Will you focus on individual stories, or give an estimation of what can be done with the donations? (With X euros, you will vaccinate X number of children, or fund a month of school canteen…) Do not use identical contents with the same form for the different communication networks you will use.
  • Do not ask people to make a donation, but to « participate », or « join » (the fight against malaria, etc.). Don’t forget that people answer with their hearts! At the same time, be pragmatic and give the real cost of a donation after tax deduction…
  • Be concrete and visual: show the impact of past years donations. Here, storytelling and good quality pictures or videos are the keys to your success!
  • This is the time to try and get regular donations. Always offer a long-term commitment, with a monthly donation by direct bank debit, as an alternative to a one-off donation.
  • If your strategy works well, donations will flow in. Be prepared: this is really not a good time for your donation page to stop functioning! Your home page must refer potential donors there, in a clear and visible way. And in case it is still necessary to mention this: please make sure your donation page is clear and easy to use, on a smartphone as well as on a computer. And keep in mind some people prefer donating by check, phone etc.: make sure that they can find this information easily too!

And last, but not least:

It is time to get creative! You could also organize an event: lotteries, for example, work well and have the advantage of making participants win something – get the prizes donated by companies which will way also be able to communicate on your common actions! Also think about sales (handicraft from the country you work in, or simply cakes!), athletic events, or suggest people offer a donation instead of a gift. Or why not a dinner, a themed or dance evening, a gift wrapping service …

What about you, what is your best experience in this field?


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    Reply 5 August, 2017 8:09 pm

    Really excellent post, I definitely adore this website, keep on it.

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